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Decorate Your Walls (and Yourself) with Physics Posters

Welcome to Physics Posters 

Looking for physics posters and t-shirts?  You’ve found the right place. 

If you are tired of searching through large sites and not finding posters and apparel with enough physics, you are not alone. I’ve developed clothing, stickers, and posters (of course) with a strong dose of math and physics.   

Things are grouped by category below, or you can use the “Shop” option in the menu above.  Enjoy our collection and get your geek on.

Physics Posters

If you are a physics teacher, a physics student, or someone who appreciates science, you can find a physics poster that fits your style.  Decorate your walls with equations, diagrams, and other ways to share your love of physics.

Refraction poster showing the index of refraction and Snell's Law

Physics T-Shirts

Do you want to share your love of physics on your chest? We’ve got lots of fun, physics designs you can proudly wear in public.

A couple wearing the Physicist Names T-shirt

Physics Stickers

Want to decorate your laptop, water bottle, car, or just about anything else?  Our stickers are just waiting for you.  We have oval stickers with physical constants, important mathematical numbers, and astronomy symbols.  We also have stickers with your favorite equations on them.  Pick yours today!

Oval sticker that says "Planck length in miles, 9.942 times 10 to the negative 39,"

Physics Hats

Looking to keep your head covered while  showing your love of physics and math?  Check out our collection of hats.  Some are funny, some show your favorite equations.  All of them help you display your inner geek.


Woman wearing a hat that says "radical" under a mathematical radical sign.


Do you have a favorite topic and just want to see what all is available?  You can browse by topic using the links below.

Physical Constants

The universe is a neat place.  There are many physical constants that appear to be common throughout.


Electromagnetism investigates electricity, magnetism, and the way they interact with the world.


Optics is the study of how light interacts with matter and behaves at reflective interfaces.


The Laws of Thermodynamics describe how energy flows through time and space.


Waves like sound and light travel through air, water, and other media.


Astronomy is the mother of physics.  Describing planetary motion inspired Newton.