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Physics Equations Stickers

Physics equation stickers showing newton's second law. Sigma F equals m a, with vectors over the force and acceleration.

Physics Equations stickers are a fun way to show your love for physics. Check out the ones below and pick out your favorites.

Equations are the language of physics. They contain information about how variables relate to each other. They encode the ways that changing one variable affects the others. If you can read and interpret an equation, you really start to understand the physical phenomenon it describes.

Placing an equation on your laptop is a great way to show off your favorite physics concepts.

More equations are available below.

What makes these physics equations stickers special?

One solid equation sticker

I designed these physics equations stickers to be one single sticker, not several disjointed pieces. Many equation stickers have two or more separate pieces that need to be carefully aligned when you place them. For example, the equals sign is often its own floating sticker.

Accurate Physics Equation Stickers

I designed these equations are to be accurate. You won’t be ashamed to have an incorrect equation on your laptop or notebook. If there is supposed to be a vector symbol, there is a vector symbol.

Multiple Sizes

Most stickers come in three sizes, corresponding to their largest dimension. The 3×3 version has a maximum dimension of about 3 inches. The 4×4 version has a maximum dimension of about 4 inches, and the 5.5×5.5 in sticker has a maximum dimension of about 5.5 inches. Since most stickers aren’t square, the other dimension may be smaller.