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Virtual Meeting Bingo Card Set



This is a virtual meeting bingo card set that you can use with your co-workers to keep your virtual meetings interesting.  We’ve all been to meetings where the most interesting thing is the people and the funny things they do.  You’ve seen spouses, children, and pets.  You’ve heard dogs barking.  There’s that one dude who falls asleep, or the person who talks smack about a coworker.  Why not keep a record of it?

The set is a collection of 20 bingo cards.  Distribute one to each of your coworkers.  The cards are individual .pdf files, so you can send one to each person.  Remember to practice proper social distancing.

Each card contains an arrangement of common things you might encounter while using Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, or other software during a virtual meeting.  Every card is unique, so only one person should win.

Virtual Meeting Bingo Card

Virtual Meeting Bingo card with things like heavy breathing, toilet flush, bed head, and other common things encountered during a virtual meeting.

Keep an eye or ear out for …

  • Background – dogs, cats, cartoons, kids
  • Inappropriate things – eating on screen, yelling at someone, porn tabs
  • Noises – barking, toilets flushing, farts
  • Goofs – bright lights, dim pictures, foreheads, incorrect use of mute
  • Outfits – pajamas, bed-head, sweat pants

If you pay close enough attention during your meeting, you just might win Virtual Meeting Bingo.

Get your set today.


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